The excimer laser laserMontblanc center aims to make available to ophthalmologists specializing in refractive surgery and a technical skill set to the laser treatment of vision disorders (myopia, astigmatism, farsightedness and presbyopia corrections).

LaserMontblanc center is a partnership between three groups of actors involved in the field of refractive surgery:

The medical team.

The surgical activity is present in ophthalmology for over 30 years at the Polyclinic of Savoy.

The surgical activity in the field of refractive surgery started in 1992 by practitioners involved in the establishment.

Since 1996, practitioners have used the excimer laser systems as and when they evolve.

Since 2001, physicians have partnered with the company Wavelight due to its excellent refractive outcomes.

The rapid development of refractive surgery activity in the polyclinic of Savoy has naturally led to the creation of Excimer laser center LaserMontblanc

Center laser excimer LaserMontblanc Equipe chirurgicale

The quality of the technical LaserMontblanc allows ophthalmologists to offer partners a center of excellence for the treatment of their patients.

Polyclinic SAVOIE SA

Member of the international General de Santé, the polyclinic of Savoy has competence in the provision of logistics technical support: Construction, maintenance and management of an operating theater specializes in refractive surgery according to the latest standards of the ANAES.

- Standard operating room class 1000,
- Air treatment by filtration and laminar flow
- Strict humidity control and heat.
- Microbiological safety provided by the sanitary services of the institution. The clinic provides the central sterilization of surgical instruments, the supply of devices and pharmacological agents.
- Polyclinic of Savoy in November 2011 received the accreditation certificate V2 .

The Company ALCON-Wavelight

German-based company is part of the Wavelight-ALCON SURGICAL, the first operator in the world of ophthalmic surgery.

The center LaserMontblanc acquired in January 2012 the Platform Excimer Wavelight EX500.

Its technical characteristics are the standard in the field of treatment and the sphero-cylindrical coupling aberrométric.

The Wavelight laser is FDA approved EX500 and the platform is currently the most widely distributed worldwide in 2010 and 2011.

Ziemer Ophthalmic Society System AG.

Ziemer society, based in German Switzerland, supports Laser femtolaser LaserMontblanc center.

Used since 2009, the center has acquired the Femto LDV Crystal Line Ziemer.

The characteristic of this femtolaser energy use is particularly low for cutting lamellar atraumatic.

The Crystal Line femtolaser of Ziemer Group AG is meeting worldwide circulation.